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Yozshurisar Stora kopparberg singlar Stora kopparberg singlar S 80 Falun Sweden 00 Fax: As copper output declined in the 19th century, Stora diversified into iron and steel production as well as forestry products. It remained active in these sectors until the s, when it decided to concentrate on the pulp and paper industry.

Peasant farmers began mining the copper mountain near Falun in central Sweden around the year The document shows that a cooperative organization by this time was managing the mine, with shares being bought and sold. The mine was controlled by Swedish nobles and German merchants, who were responsible for selling the copper in the European market.

Mine operations were conducted by master miners, who excavated the ore on a rotation basis. They were supervised by a royal bailiff after King Magnus Eriksson granted a charter, bestowing a series of privileges on the mine, in The decree of acknowledged that söråker dejta mine played a decisive role in the national economy and its importance grew over the next few centuries.

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The improvement of production techniques boosted the annual output of the mine from 80 tons of copper in the late 15th century to tons years later. This was occurring as copper output in central Europe was declining. Having declared that the crown had regal rights to the copper deposits, the Swedish kings demanded taxes on the mined ore and tried to monopolize the mining and trading of copper.

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Their success in this demand was limited, however. The mine master was in charge of allocating mining rights to the master miners, who paid one-tenth of their ore production to the crown as rent, plus one-fourth of the crude copper they produced from smelters as tax.

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The total number of mining shares was fixed stora kopparberg singlar 1, an arrangement that lasted until Stora became an aktiebolag — public limited company — in The mine owners then decided to develop the forest and iron-ore resources in the region to replace the falling copper production.

They had considerable experience of both products since they had harvested and transported wood to fuel the copper smelters, while they manufactured mining tools out of iron ore.

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It bought or leased tracts of forest to supply the iron furnaces and forges with charcoal fuel. In parallel with the change in its activity, Stora Kopparberg also underwent an organizational reform in the s that transformed its legal status and administrative rules.

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By singlar i munka ljungby s, Stora Kopparberg had begun to stora kopparberg singlar its modern profile.

Mining operations, meanwhile, contributed a decreasing share of corporate revenues.

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The mine accounted for one-quarter of sales inbut its output of copper and recently discovered gold and silver amounted to only a tenth of sales by The mine also generated income from the production of sulfur stora kopparberg singlar as well as the distinctive Falun red paint that adorns many houses in the Swedish countryside.

Erik Johan Ljungberg, who became general manager of Stora Kopparberg inemphasized the strategy of making a limited number of basic products in a few large plants to achieve economies of scale. A giant paper mill for newsprint was also established at Kvarnsveden, near Domnarvet, in When Stora Kopparberg became a limited share company inwith Ljungberg appointed managing director and chairman of the board, it was the largest concern in Sweden in terms of sales and number of employees.

Utforska livsstilarna i området i Livsstilskartan.

It had an initial share capital of SKr9. The company would spend the next 60 years developing and expanding these core facilities.

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InStora Kopparberg became one of the crown jewels of the extensive Swedish industrial empire controlled by the Wallenberg financial family with the appointment of Marcus Wallenberg Sr. Annual capital investment rose from SKr20 million in to more than SKr million inwith the construction of five new power stations and expansion of existing industrial facilities.

But the s proved to be a period of growing difficulties for Stora Kopparberg. Kontakta Petra Askling, 53 r, Harbo.

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