Dating sweden borrby- östra hoby, Borrby Östra Hoby Församling

Swedish Regiments - Cavalry 2 Troligen har liknande bildframställningar prytt långskeppets övriga valv. Dessa målningar, liksom apostlagestalterna i absidens valv, hör senmedeltiden till och kan dateras till omkring Apostlarna är försedda med respektive attribut. Vi känner igen Petrus med nyckeln och Paulus med det svärd, med vilket han lär ha blivit avrättad.

The nave was added in the second half of the 12th century, possibly in connection with an early tower. The two arms of the transept were added much later in Its paintings depict scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

dating sweden borrby- östra hoby

The pulpit bears the date of but is probably older as it includes the arms of Queen Anne of Denmark who died in It is said the pulpit was intended for Trinity Church, Kristianstad but was brought here after the ship transporting it was stranded.

In the apse and on the east wall of the nave there are fragments of late Romanesque decorations from the second half of the 13th century.

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Immediately after completion of the ceiling vaults in the 15th century, their ribs and arches were decorated with ornaments. Remains of these can be seen in various places. Aroundthe arches were decorated with vines by the Fjälkinge Workshop which probably also altered a mural of the Majestas in the apse to one of the Mercy Seat.

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Traces of the original Majestas rainbow can still be seen. The murals dating sweden borrby- östra hoby the apse and on the vaults were improved and extended from to by the Åle Workshop which worked around Aarhus in Denmark. The same workshop probably also painted the paintings in the vestibule under the tower. The ribbons of text include remnants from the Creed and the names of the apostles.

dating sweden borrby- östra hoby

On the chancel wall there are images of Anne and Mary with Jesus on her lap. Among the murals on the vaulting at the point where the transept crosses the nave, there are fragments of the story of Adam and Eve. The serpent in one of the scenes is shaped like the figure of a woman bearing an apple for Adam and Eve.

dating sweden borrby- östra hoby