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Gottfrid Olof, b. Ester Antonia, b. Ivar Valdemar, b.

Carl Gustaf Vallentin, b. Customer service Hilma Ulrika, b.

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Hilda Kristina, b. Hulda Ulrika, b. Margareta, b. Karin, b.

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Anna, b. Olof, b.

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Mait, b. Margareta Kustus fråga har jag ett förslag men jag behöver få det bekräftat av Torbjörn N. Gunnars Maits föräldrar kan vara Gunnars Jon Olofsson f. Mvh Eva. I am looking for my Great Grandmother's relatives. Her Obituary states that her only living relative was Våmhus single Sparman. Her maiden name was Locke.

Mora-Våmhus, Hos Anders Diös på Bonäs, Augusti 1965

Is Vonikus the same as Vämhus, Sweden? Anders Andersson. Well, Vonikus definitely isn't a Swedish name, but it may very well be a partial mistranscription of Våmhus. Note that o and å have roughly the same pronounciation, while m and h may have been misread as ni and k, respectively. In our earlier discussion on Eric Köpman we saw conflicting information regarding where Eric and Margareta were married; you stated they were married in Sweden but Swedish records were said to indicate that Eric emigrated while still unmarried.

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This våmhus single as no surprise; old records and notes often contain such errors. However, it stresses the importance of explaining what your sources are, otherwise it will be very difficult to help you. If so, can you please state the date at least year of their marriage, so that we can determine approximately when Margareta emigrated?

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As I mentioned before, I believe Sparman is a mistranscription for Sparrman, the latter being somewhat more recognizeable as a last name in Sweden. In the Swedish census, there are 36 individuals named Sparrman, but only one Sparman, and I'm tempted to believe also the latter one is a misspelling in the census itself though I can't tell for sure.

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Does the obituary indicate how Margareta was related to Andrew Sparman, or where he lived in Sweden or America at the time of her death? Car search.

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Arkiv över svensk kulturell allmänning.! Våmhus Sex Tjejer Ava 30 år.

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Internet dating i Våmhus single If her maiden name was Locke of which I find none in the censusI suppose Andrew Anders Sparman Sparrman is unlikely to have been her brother, but I'm guessing here. Anders, My cousin in Nebraska has the marriage certificate and is going to take a digital picture if it and send to me.

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As soon as he does, I'll get all the info and put it on this discussion. Billy, my cousin said that Erik Chapman Köpman had his parents listed as Oliver Olesen and Alenia Olesen but that some one had told him that he was staying with them before he got married. I will get the dates and see if can figure this out. Thanks Roy PS. He was called Oliver Chapman in the census for Nebraska.

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Stefan Jernberg Anbytare Antal inlägg: Senast inloggad:This is all i know about this family but i am almost certain that this is the family you are looking for. Eva och Kvinna söker man ösmo Troligen är det som Eva misstänker.

Eva: När det gäller Oll Anders måste du komma med någonting mera för att han skall kunna identifieras. Tack Stefan! Du har inget om den andra gubben som M. So nice to just be and let go of evil thoughts and experience the beautiful landscape, the silence and the peace that arises. Events, Webcams and more.

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This loosing the trail thing happened 2 more times. Knapp 5. I Fryksås finns timrade hus och milsvidd vacker utsikt över Orsasjön, Siljan och naturen. Watch Queue Queue.

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The final 10 kilometers can be a bit tuff but it is really worth it. Cottages for self catering in the small village Fryksås, highly situated, våmhus single a fantastic view over lakes and mountains in the surroundings and the beautiful nature just outside your door.

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