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It was being referred to as den nedre nye gathen "the lower new street" innedhre Nye gatun innedre Nyegathon and nedre gathon inand Wästere Nyegathun "western New street" in Inthe street was called Bryggaregatan Bryggere Gaten, "Brewer's street" because of the number of brewers residing on its western side.

Again, it is mentioned as nedrelangathun inwhile being called lilla Kongsgatan "Small King's Street" in the early 18th century. The present name Lilla Nygatan became prevalent from Because Lilla and Stora Nygatan were often confused with each other, it was suggested grästorp single that Lilla Nygatan should be öja dejta kvinnor Postiljonsgatan "Mailcoach Street" in reference to the post office, although this proposal was never adopted.

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Later investigations however suggest that this is more likely to be the remains of structures from the defensive system constructed in the s. The defensive wall passed dating sweden nye across today's Lilla Nygatan; east of the street south of the crossing and west of it north of the crossing.

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The entire block constituted the only post office in the capital from its inauguration in until the opening of the museum in While the windows of the piano nobile support pediments with corbelsthe upper part of the composition is gradually simplified.

The interior was rebuilt in and the entire building extensively restored in

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