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This article is thus This article is thus published in the first ever issue of the aforesaid museum journal February Framtidstro — marieholm mötesplatser för äldre, Projekten — ett axplock Faith in the future — preface, The projects — a selection more. The latter part of the catalogue pp. When this regional millennium project was completed in the spring ofa total of associations, companies and organisations in 81 cities and towns in the County of Västernorrland had been involved.

English abstract and summary: Hearths of the heart. Published by Gidlunds förlag pages. Skick och ordning i fostrans paviljonger. Norrlands kulturhistoriska museum och Centralfängelset i Härnösand Due order in educational and correctional pavilions.

Träffpunkter och mötesplatser för seniorer - Stockholms stad

How did earlys prison officers and museum curators use, shape and institutionalise ideas of categorisation? A comparative and conceptual-historical study about the history of ideas of categorisation in prisons and museums around Distinguishing traits of this educational and correctional pavilion are its many cracks and nooks.

Secondly, the pavilion as an historical concept is studied by using the diachronic method of the conceptual historian Reinhart Koselleck, which makes it possible to investigate important concepts, like centralisation and pavilion, behaviour and order. Hey, We think we know you! Thirdly, the historical developments of the pavilion system in official institutions, like the Hôpital Lariboisière in Paris and the Sabbatsberg Hospital in Stockholm, is investigated in close relation to the research of the architectural historian Anders Åman.

Thanks to these historical cracks and theoretical nooks, I argue, it is possible to give an archaeological-genealogical description of the early twentieth-century discursive and panoptical pavilion, which spanned the lowest and the highest in society, for example the criminal offender and the cultural memory, the prison and the museum.

Mötesplatser för äldre i marieholm

So, more specifically, how did the earlys convict in a prison cell and the earlys object in a museum collection relate to each other in significant ways?

In order to discuss this question, I have divided the thesis in three main parts. View on lir. Världsarv och riksintresse som kulturmiljö eller tillväxtpotential Free space and legal space. World heritage and national interest as cultural environment or growth potential more. This study in history of science and ideas takes its point of departure in the distinction between legal space and free space made by the social philosopher André Gorz; the former concept defined and upheld by public authorities and legal This study in history of science and ideas takes its point of departure in the distinction between legal space and free space made by the social philosopher André Gorz; the former concept defined and upheld by public authorities and legal regulations, the latter upheld by common practice among citizens representing cultural values in the environment that transcend institutionally-applied borders.

English abstract and contents: Stockholm City Hall. Ancient times and current times Stockholms stadshus. Forntid och samtid more.

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The focus of this study in the history of architecture and built environment is the Stockholm City Hall and its practical functions and symbolic programme.

In the City Hall, the practical function of the building coincided with some of the theoretical ideals of society at the turn of the century. In this building, which was erected for the Stockholm City Council as well as for its administration and entertainment, socio-political and socio-aesthetic ideas met.

In the creative act of the architect Ragnar Östberg, the consensus politics and the aesthetic milieu taken as a whole became an indivisible unity and a programmatic part. As a result, the Stockholm City Hall was shaped into a symbol of the ancient town and its rulers, but also into a manifestation of contemporary society and its new-born democracy.

The main aim is to describe the process before and under the construction and, when completed, to analyse the building in relation to the cultural-historical context in answering such questions as: Why was the Stockholm City Hall built?

Why did the Marieholm mötesplatser för äldre City Hall get specifically this form? The chapter deals with his progress as a student, with his scholarship travels in Sweden, USA and Europe, and with his period in assisting the architect Isak Gustaf Clason with the designs for the Nordic Museum in Stockholm opened in The ideas in contemporary society and impressions of the architect are discussed as sources of inspiration, which are reflected in the building: the Stockholm City Hall.

Сумерек не. С заходом солнца озера тени, лежавшие среди песчаных дюн, стремительно слились в одно громадное море тьмы.

Most recently, it has been referred to in a PhD thesis in Architecture at the University of Bologna, Italy, about the architect Ragnar Östberg published in View on konstvet. Symbol, kyrka, museum The Murberget Church. Symbol, church, museum more. Written and presented in the History of Architecture Then, I have divided the thesis into three main chapters.

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The Murberget Church was erected at the open-air museum Murberget on the initiative of the museum founder and director Theodor Hellman, with blueprints by the architect Erik Högström. Hellman and Högström modelled the museum church on the plan of the Hackås Church in the province of Jämtland, North Sweden, before its reconstruction in They also incorporated different details and elements from other churches, for example the shape of the saddle-back roof and the gable truss from the Ramsele Old Church in the province of Ångermanland in North Sweden.

This type of plan was very seldom used in North Sweden. The Murberget Church has two stories. On the ground floor is the place of worship, as well as of museum pedagogy for the broad audiences, and the wall and ceiling decorations are modelled principally of medieval and post-Reformation images in the churches in Alnö in the province of Medelpad, Hackås in the province of Jämtland, Njutånger in the province of Hälsingland and Ramsele in the province of Ångermanland. The persons, who in made these al secco paintings, were the well-known artist Gunnar Torhamn and the well-known conservator Oscar Svensson.

Mötesplatser för äldre i marieholm

The church loft has been turned into a museum exhibition, which contained extensive collections of medieval and post-Reformation wood sculptures as well as chasubles from different centuries. It has also been used as teaching material for the museum hosts at the open-air museum Murberget in Härnösand, for example in their daily museum-historical presentations during the summer opening periods. Om heritologi och museologi, kulturarvsstudier och museistudier samt nordisk museologi.

En skiss över forskning och vetenskapsteori internationellt On heritology and museology, heritage studies and museum studies, and Nordic museology. An outline of research and theory of science internationally more.

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How have actors discussed theory of science and research activities in museology and heritology as well as in museum studies and heritage studies from the s to the s? From the marieholm mötesplatser för äldre of this international context, hitta sex i viskafors is it From the viewpoint of this international context, how is it possible to understand and describe Nordic museology and to contextualise the newly launched Network for Marieholm mötesplatser för äldre Heritage and Museum Studies at the Mid Sweden University?

Based on these broad questions, I will give an overview of the international scholarly field with its diversity of research activities and many perspectives in the theory of science. The keynote themes are: 1 Conceptual definitions and distinctions from the s to the s; 2 The history of museums and science, i.

Opening workshop for researchers, curators and conservators in Sundsvall, Sweden, 14 January View on miun. Utställningen som kopplingspunkt för olika slags kunskapsprocesser: bildningsverksamhet, forskningsverksamhet och inkluderande verksamhet The exhibition as a connection point for different kinds of knowledge processes: education activities, research activities and inclusion activities more.

How can galleries, libraries, archives and museums conduct research with the help of exhibitions? How can different dating apps i västra husby of knowledge processes be linked together in and by means of these exhibition productions? Based on my scholarly In my monograph, I examine the exhibition as idea and process from historical, theoretical and practical perspectives.

I will highlight these perspectives in the workshop by presenting a sketch of a new kind of research activity that takes place in exhibition productions: exhibition-specific research. Opening workshop for librarians, researchers, educational developers and communication officers in Östersund, Sweden, 13 January Exhibition as circle, project and space: Bildung, research and inclusion more.

When conducting exhibition-specific research, significant meaning is made by a range of actions: building, discussing, reading, sketching, thinking and writing.

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In order to fully understand this inter-professional knowledge making, each During the production, the participants become educated about kaxholmen dejt skills and knowledges of the dejta i revsund group members, while at the same time, by working partly independently, partly in group, creating new knowledge in and by means of the exhibition.

Research cannot be conducted with unlimited openness. Periodically, by its more outreaching process of dialogic idea work with the general public, which may give rise to new issues and directions in the production of the step-by-step changing exhibition cf.

This kind of long-term exhibition production thus includes three intertwined processes: the general-learning process of an educational circle allmänbildningthe critically-examining process of a research project forskningsresultat and the impetus-giving process of an inclusive space idéuppslag. The keynote will discuss both theoretical and organisational issues regarding this type of exhibition production.

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Interdisciplinary workshop for researchers and curators in Stockholm, Sweden, 5 December View on nordiskamuseet. Museum and exhibition — and museum exhibition.

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Concepts, institutions and techniques in the nineteenth and twentieth century more. Based on historical examples, that is, conceptual distinctions, institutional practices and exhibition techniques, the purpose of my keynote lecture is to present an outline of the history of exhibiting in the nineteenth and twentieth Based on historical examples, that is, conceptual distinctions, institutional practices and exhibition techniques, the purpose of my keynote lecture is to present an outline of the history of exhibiting in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

In the second part, I aim to discuss the integration and change of these ideas and practices in museum institutions in the decades around the yearas well as the museal development of them until the late twentieth century. What were the characteristics of nineteenth-century marieholm mötesplatser för äldre and museum?

How was nineteenth-century exhibition practice integrated and developed in the museum practice from the s in the Nordic countries?

Marieholm är geografiskt centralt placerad i regionen.

How was the new practice of museum exhibition discussed and advanced during the twentieth century? Exhibition production as research process. For further information, please östergarn dating sweden the English summary of the monograph in the present website, Academia. View on esille. To animate the past for the benefit of the present. Ideal realism as concept and technique at museums of cultural history more.

Aroundcurators at museums of cultural history in the Scandinavian countries were truly dedicated in shaping museum activities for the improvement of society. In this presentation, I will discuss how aesthetic, didactic and In this presentation, I will discuss how aesthetic, didactic marieholm mötesplatser för äldre scholarly ideas were integrated with museum techniques and historical remains and reproductions when shaping these living-museum activities.

Starting with a brief outline of the concept of ideal realism, I will focus on how it was brought into play in folk museums and museums of cultural history at the turn of the twentieth marieholm mötesplatser för äldre, i. These concepts will finally be the point of departure for my closing remarks on the importance of understanding historical museum practices when shaping activities in present-day museums.

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