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En hög röst. Planned in the summer ofthe area is now classed as a cultural environment of national interest. The Mareograph, P Furuögrund is the land elevation centre of Scandinavia with the land rising at a rate of The mareograph measures the rise and fall of the water several times a day, which is unique as it is a manual instrument.

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Finnforsrövarnas grotta, M Tales of robbers in the Finnforsberget area are legion. One tells the story of Gunilla, a woman who disappeared from Medle at the beginning of the 16th century. When she returned three years later, she told how she had been taken captive by robbers in this cave in Finnforsberget.

Marranäsvältan, Fällfors, O An underground creek has created an enormous canyon, metres long and up to 50 metres deep. Constant erosion means that the canyon continues to grow with every passing year.

Petroglyphs at Finnforsberget, M As recently asa rock face with wall paintings was discovered at Finnforsberget outside Boliden. The figures depict some 15 dejtingsajt engelbrekt as well as elk, making the find unique. The rock paintings are approximately 4, years old.

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The area is skellefteå dating app inaccessible. Rare plants. The area surrounding Skellefteå is home to a jungle of ferns the height of a man and tall herbaceous shrubs as well as vascular plants that are rarely seen elsewhere in the country. The ravine landscape of the Skellefte River. There are several ravine forests between Klutmark and Krångfors, exciting landscapes the length of the creeks running out into the river. Two examples are Nysvidjeberget and Brubäcken.

Right of Public Access.

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Thanks to the law, you can go virtually anywhere you like in the Swedish countryside and choose from a multitude of opportunities for enjoying the outdoor life in Sweden. But remember to take responsibility for the natural environment and wildlife and consider the interests of landowners and other visitors.

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More information skellefteå dating app be obtained from Skellefteå Tourist Office. Skellefte River by boat. The river is quite an experience from its banks but even more so when sitting in a boat.

You can sail on relatively large boats to Bergsbydammen, where the lock chamber measures 12 x 4 metres. The river trip takes you through a beautiful, wooded landscape. At several points, such as Småälvarna, you may well be tempted to take a detour that can only be navigated by small boats with outboard motors.

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Du antagligen ta ut och. In Skellefteå, you can moor in one of the guest stations on the north quay, between the first two road bridges. Detailed information is given in the route description available from Skellefteå Tourist Office.

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It is scattered with small islands and islets, and is the starting point for wonderful walks. From the city centre, through the cultural heart and Nordanå all the way to skellefteå dating app hiking trails. Svansele water meadows, L Hay meadows along the winding Petikån stream.

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Tjärnbergsheden, O Halfway between Skellefteå and Burträsk you will find a natural forest that is one of the richest in species in the province. Covering hectares, the relatively untouched forest landscape includes everything from meagre pine-clad hills to imposing primeval spruce trees and wetlands.

Skellefteå dating app northern part of the forest features ancient trees draped with hanging lichen — some as much as years old — while the southern part has marshier ground with equally old spruce.

The area is relatively level and easy to walk in. Vitbergen, Kalvträsk, L The largest natural forest area in the whole of Västerbotten and a real wilderness. The area is extremely hilly skellefteå dating app has knotty pines, broad aspens and lichen-covered spruce. You may be lucky and see a golden eagle as well as a capercaillie. There are several paths and tracks and the size of the area may well tempt you to rough it for the night and put up a tent.

Vitbergsområdet, L12, Skellefteå. With forests of a wilderness character and a wide range of outdoor activities, Vitberget is an area just north of central Skellefteå where even the briefest of visits will take you through barren stony ground, dense spruce forest and mysterious bogland.

The area also features sparse pillar pine forest and a couple of beautiful, black woodland meres. Vithatten, K The second highest mountain in the area and a nature reserve rich in bird life. Marshy ground rich in vegetation and a number of old barns and hay-drying racks.

Dating from the s, the area also features a settlement on the east side of the mountain that is associated with a number of thrilling ghost stories. Wild berries. During late summer and autumn, the forests are carpeted with a large variety of wild berries. One of the first forest berries of the season is the golden cloudberry which ripens at the end of July. Arctic raspberries grow in July and August along the beaches, ancient meadows and woodland paths. Raspberries, blueberries, lingonberries, sea buckthorn and cranberries are other delicacies waiting to be picked.

Is there a Västerbotten storytelling tradition? Impression of expression. What makes culture skellefteå dating app culture and what makes it interesting is in many ways down to the observer. And in Skellefteå it is worthwhile to both observe and experience. Be amazed, fascinated and lose yourself in some of the many expressions of culture.

You will soon be immersed in a vibrant cultural life of impressions, expressions and variations you were not prepared for. The Nordanå Online dating i älvsåker Centre is clearly at the heart of the cultural life of Skellefteå.

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Speed-Dating im Test In the same area, you will find Handens Hus, a forum for wood carvers and crafts people in Skellefteå. And every summer the centre is the venue of the Trästock music festival while an annual summer production is staged by Västerbottensteatern. It can be hard, of course, to put your finger on what created the rich cultural output of rural Skellefteå.

But the urge for self expression has also given us a large literary legacy.

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Anita Salomonsson, to mention just some of our most widely read authors. But the Skellefteå region also has a long tradition of oral storytelling, both on stage and around the campfire. A cultural personality has grown up in almost every town and village in the region. Many have taken this cultural legacy under their wing and created small museums and exhibitions around these individuals.

Take a look at the map and find out how you can create your own cultural tour of the area. Museum Torfrid Olsson A homage skellefteå dating app one of our leading contemporary symbolists.

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The exhibition shows naturalistic and fantastical art, often with a symbolic allusion to fertility or the devastation of evil. The Meijer collection The collection of approximately works includes all media from oil painting to gouache, sculpture and graphic art.

Every year the collection is rehung to bring out different approaches and themes. His works in both earthenware and stoneware are the result of 25 years of work based on a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

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Boliden has the newest dedicated photography gallery in northern Sweden. With guest speakers and contemporary photography exhibitions. We show new and up-and-coming talents as well as established photographers. In addition, we offer short courses and workshops in photography Opening hours: Normally open 9—16, call to check. Åsa Rehnström is a silversmith and jewellery maker with her own workshop.

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